I wrote my first story ‘Mini Doughnut’ several years ago for Kira.
The adventures of mini donut got so many laughs I sort of pursued a writing career, writing a combination of stories based on an array of characters, such as, ‘Dave the fairy’ who was thrown out of fairy school because of his moustache and hairy legs.
Mini donut was a teddy bear stuffed with left over doughnut mixture from an old ladies donut shop on Margate beach.
Since then I have written many other stories, my favourite collection being ‘Henry the Hedgehog, Rise of the hedgehog and Hedgehog the third.
Henry was my first publicly shared story when I read it on a local radio station ‘Saint FM’ in the Maldon district.
Henry accumulated quite a following which turned him into a weekly slot on the show.
Henry’s small success prompted me to find a publisher and perhaps start my long awaited career as a writer.

This is when I learned that finding a publisher deemed impossible without an agent and an agent deemed more difficult than that.
I guess what I learned was either my stories just wasn’t good enough to publish or that I just don’t possess the patience to pursue them.
(Nothing to do with the fact that I can’t spell nor do I understand punctuation)
Still, people pushed me to continue with it and I came to the conclusion that Henry didn’t really fit into a publishing category; it was to adult to be for children, to childish to be for adults and young adults as far as I’m aware have swapped their library passes for Microsoft points on the X-box.

This is when I wrote what I hoped to be a more publishable book ‘Dog’s diary’
‘Dog’s diary although ready for publishing, still remains in my ‘maybe one day when you have a spare 2 years to find an agent’ folder.

So, here I am writing my blog where literary agents and publishing companies don’t exist and I can make myself feel better by getting as many follows as possible.

My sense of humour all though questionable, does bring smiles to my darling wife’s face at least.
Julie, I love you.
My 2 beloved sons Zachary and Rhys used to find me funny although now they have reached the ages of 14 and 18, I am now just too immature for them.
If anything, I hope my writing brings a smile and a few spouts of raucous laughter to at least some of my followers.
I’m sure one day I will be incredibly famous and own a Donkey who I shall call Antonio after my Dad.
Who incidentally is not called Antonio, but Anthony or Dad as I like to call him.
My Dad used to tell me stories as a child about Mr Hairthree, a man with three legs who was covered in hair who spent his days polishing the town’s lampposts until they gleamed.
My Grandad used to tell me he had a polypus up his nose that would fall out of bed if I shook his head to hard, which of course I did.
Shaking his head actually resulted in Grandad performing an impression of the incredible hulk and chasing me around the house screaming until I wet myself.
I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who was chased about my Grandparent’s house by the Grand hulk; my younger brothers Lewis, Joseph and Thomas and my 2 older sisters Maria and Greta probably have the same memories!
So if you don’t like my sense of humour then blame Dad and Grand hulk.

My dream is, to one day sell enough books to buy myself a donkey sanctuary where me and my family would live and children from all over could come and see our asses.


Mum, I realise I haven’t mentioned you in this bit so, I love you.

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