Dog’s diary snippet…

Dog’s diary

22nd September,

Had no choice other than to wee on the floor this morning as there was nobody here to let me out.
The boredom was killing me until… I realised I wasn’t alone!

I could sense someone behind me…. I couldn’t hear them nor could I smell them, but I knew they were there.
I had to move silently as not to show my awareness, I knew who it was, it was the dreaded spytail and it was trying to steal my ears, I had to take him by surprise and pounce first.
I stood there pretending to read the calendar for several seconds before making my move.

I gave a quick flash of my teeth and as menacing growl as I could muster before chasing after him. I chased the spytail round and round in circles for what seemed like ages. This assassin was hard to catch but perseverance from experience was the only way to win this game.

I took a breather behind the chest freezer and prepared for my second wave of attack but just as I left my cover I heard a car pull up onto the gravel which distracted me from the sneaky little ear thief and I jumped up to the window to see who it was.

I could just see the rear end of Dominic’s car upon the driveway and my tail wagged with excitement but of course, I was still suffering from spytailapnia so my wagging tail from the corner of my eye was in my mind  the spytail creeping up from behind me again, now what with the mixture of excitement and fear of losing my ears my legs went into over drive, sending me ferociously speeding across the utility room in a state of uncontrollable panic, causing me to run into and dent the front of the

ridiculously placed washing machine. Ouch!

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