I can’t think of anything more fitting  to write as my first entry other than a thanks to the G-man for putting this blog together for me.

You see, I know  as much about computers as my dog knows about origami, but the G-man pretty much knows everything; this guy Builds computers, designs web sites, he writes in binary code and that time when I ran into those closed patio doors, I’m sure that was because he changed something in the matrix.

So, you can imagine how frustrating it must have been for him trying to communicate the creation of it with me.

I guess as a comparison it was like Picasso teaching a goldfish to paint.

This is a conversation we had just a few days ago via text message…

G-man ; 001001110000110101010000001111100101010110

Me; I don’t speak binary.

G-man; Sorry man, to edit a blog just go to menu in the admin section, click on the blog you want to edit and edit it. simple.

Me; So how do I access the admin section?

G-man; Dude! I just explained this to you, like 5 minutes ago!…. in great detail!

Me; yeah, but I didn’t really understand, I just agreed with you.

G-man; Is your computer on?

Me; No.

G-man; Well that would be a good start!!

Me; …How do I turn it on again?

G-man; 000000101010101011111110! 11000101010!!!!! 1110001!

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