It’s God’s word…

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaar…

Families all around the globe will be sitting around the Christmas dinner table to tuck in to a delicious turkey.
All together, we sit in happiness as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and eat our finest meal of the year.
At some point during the lavish feast of overpriced bird and pig wrapped in pig, two lucky fellows will get to make a wish by snapping the wish bone.
I have done it, you have probably done it, but have we ever wondered why we do it?
Is it superstition, myth, an old wives tale or is it written in the scriptures?
Well, I shall tell you, because I found out.

As we know, there is no such thing as magic, only deception and trickery.
Very few have witnessed a miracle either, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t happen.
When God created the world, he did it from his own vision and then he made it so.
He made the sun rise so the flowers could bask in its sunlight which created beauty.
He made the rain fall so the crops could grow and feed us.
He caused the wind to blow and spread the trees seeds around the globe, covering it with forests which gave homes to the animals.
He created us with love and beauty, and gave the world to us to thrive on.

And whilst he did all this he said unto the world that if the ‘y’ shaped bone located in a chicken’s bumhole were broken by two small fingers, he would grant a wish.

This is the truth.

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